Cygnus Institute of Gastroenterology is a 50 bedded Hospital, specially dedicated to Gastroenterology patients. The hospital building is constructed with a proper plan, keeping in mind all the standard parameters required to serve the patients. It is a four story Building introduced with all the important Departments required for a Gastroenterology Center.
Endoscopy Department

Endoscopy Department

Endoscopy Unit in Cygnus Institute of Gastroenterology is well prepared with comforting parameters & installed with the required Equipment & Instruments. Two dedicated endoscopy suites are available to carry out diagnostic and and therapeutic procedures like ERCP. The endoscopy units have a dedicated full time anesthetist to perform the procedures under anesthesia. The Endoscopy Unit is equipped with dedicated endowasher to ensure adequate sterilization after each procedure.

Manometery & Breath Test

Manometry is available to diagnose various disorders related to esophagus like achalasia cardia and ano rectal disorders like anal incontinence and pelvic dysnergias.

Breath tests are available to diagnose lactose intolerance, fructose intolerance and small bowel bacterial growth.

Manometery & Breath Test
Shear Wave Elastography

Shear Wave Elastography

SWE was installed for the first time in South India by Cygnus institute of Gastroenterology. This equipment was installed in order to cater the patient with severe Liver problems. The diagnosis of liver in the early stages of Fibrosis is very important for the patients suffering from Hepatitis B & C, Liver Cancers, & Alcohol Addiction. This equipment gives a specific detail on the condition of the Liver divided into various categories based on which the treatment plan is decided by the doctor. This technique is a time-saving diagnosis of Liver, which can be completed with the reports in 15 minutes.

Operation Theatres

Cygnus operating theatres department is an innovative and forward looking department comprising of two operating theatres, covering a comprehensive range of surgical gastroenterology and GI surgical oncology.

This department provides excellent surgical facilities for patients 24 hours a day. Modular theatres with laminar air flow system to minimize post operative infection and to ensure smooth post operative recovery. Theatres are fumigated and sterilized as per the international norms with regular audits conducted to ensure infection free recovery to the patient. Continuous staff training & regular preventive maintenance of the equipment helps to provide smooth operations.

Intensive Care Unit

Medical Intensive care unit is 10 bedded facility which is fully equipped with latest Invasive and Noninvasive monitoring equipment. We have best in class touch screen ventilators with all mode of ventilation, and we have a dialysis machine.

Our ICU is offering critical care medicine and postoperative critical at the most sophisticated and advanced level including the state-of-the-art monitoring and diagnostic and therapeutic procedures at the bedside. ICU team includes a well-trained and experienced intensivist, nursing staff, ICU technicians and physical therapists.

The team members are well trained to manage sick GI and liver patients with hepatic encephalopathy, GI bleed and severe pancreatitis.


Patient Rooms

Cygnus Institute of Gastroenterology has various categories of Patient rooms, installed with all comfort parameters in order to provide better services to the patients.