Piles or hemorrhoids – the medical condition in which the anal veins in the lower rectum region swell thereby causing irritation and discomfort. When this happens in the rectum, it is called internal hemorrhoids and when it happens around the anus it is called external hemorrhoids. The swelling in the veins can cause inflammation in the nearby tissue. It is a very common problem affecting almost 75% of adults at some point in their lives.

Types of Hemorrhoids-

There are basically two types of hemorrhoids:

Internal Piles are again classified into four grades

Causes of Hemorrhoids:

The exact cause of hemorrhoids is unknown. It is widely accepted that the increased internal pressure in the anal region is one of the biggest causes of hemorrhoids. The increased pressure causes an enlargement in the arteries of the anal region.

The anal pressure can increase during pregnancy, heavyweight workouts, excessive straining in the toilet, obesity, or sitting for long hours. Research is being done on the identification of hereditary factors that cause hemorrhoids. Research shows low fiber diet and less water intake can also cause hemorrhoids. That’s why doctors advise increasing fibre and fluid intake during treatment.

Prevention of Hemorrhoids:

The basic way to prevent hemorrhoids is to keep the abdominal pressure in check and keep the stool soft causing easy evacuation without excessive straining. Also, building the following habits can also help in hemorrhoid prevention.

Diagnosis of Hemorrhoids:

External hemorrhoids are externally visible and hence can be easily diagnosed visually. But, internal hemorrhoids because being present inside the rectum require careful diagnostic procedures. Internal hemorrhoids can be diagnosed by advanced procedures like colonoscopy, endoscopy, etc. With the best Piles treatment in Hyderabad, Cygnus ensures the best diagnosis as well.

Treatment of Hemorrhoids:

Treatment of hemorrhoids ranges from home remedies to relieve some swelling and pain to advance medical procedures and surgeries. Cygnus institute of gastroenterology ensures the best tre3of Piles in Hyderabad.

Advanced Medical Procedures:



Hemorrhoid is a common disease affecting a significant fraction of adults but it is curable and preventable by following the above discussed healthy habits and treatments. The treatment procedures range from minimally invasive to surgeries. The medical experts at Cygnus are highly experienced in tackling such issues, providing the best piles treatment in Hyderabad.